Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brownie Scout Trail

The Newer Brownie Map

The Older Brownie Map

This section of trail is just the first part of a much longer loop that is in the works. Look at all that green yet to be explored. The Brownie trail is very technical, off camber, rocky, tight, and fun. Enjoy this one, but don't try it if your nerves or bike handling skills are shaky. The currently complete trail is about 1.5 miles. The trail starts just East on the Parkway across from Krug park.


Lansen said...

Heading South to the NW Parkway from Krug, go past the basketball courts and where the Parkway takes the first hard right, get on the Parkway walkers path. Head up the path about 100 yards and be looking for the trail head off to your right.

Have fun, but be careful. This is a technical, new, and immature trail. There are rock gardens, and there may still be loose footing and stumps in the trail.

Martin said...

You guys definitely get two thumbs up on building this trail over the winter. Wicked fun in its current state and will only get better when the trail gets pounded in. A+ to who ever layed it out.

Gunna be a blazing fast loop.